Why Corporate Ads Waste Money

by Dan Hutson on April 28, 2009


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Check out this post at Direct Creative Blog on why nicely designed say-nothing corporate advertising is a big waste of money.

It’s a nice dissection, but the point I’d like to repeat is this:

Any competent copywriter could write a benefit headline, copy that explains what’s so great about this product, and a call to action that makes you want to get that white paper. Nearly any designer could lay out this ad to catch the eye, make reading easy, and highlight important items, such as the headline and offer.

Unfortunately, many marketers are so caught up with entertaining us or impressing us with their design skills that they forget that their job is to get us to act. Of course there’s a place and purpose for positioning  and brand development, but too often it comes at the expense of good old-fashioned persuasion. There are plenty of brands out there I think have a pretty cool image; the real question is whether I’m spending any money with them.

What’s the benefit to me? Why should I care? What do I do next? If your advertising doesn’t answer these questions, then why are you spending the money?

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